About us

Why the name “So Fresh” ? It began back in 2005 when I, Charlie, decided to purchase a building to surprise my wife. Yes I know, crazy surprise right? So, of course, the next question was "What are we going to do with it?"

We decided to open up a hand car wash and detail shop for cars and trucks, even semi trucks. We noticed that when a completed automobile was parked outside, waiting for the owner to return, people would pass by and ask if it was for sale. We had the bright idea to get a dealer's license and thus began So Fresh Used Auto Sales.

As time went by, we added new and used tire sales. A little while later, we added light automotive repair to our services.

Having a strong Christian background, we've always worked hard to be honest and kind with our customers. Our blessings reached an all time high when we were able to relocate to our current location which is bigger and more efficient for our growing business.

Come visit us and have an experience we promise will be so fresh!